Anonymous sent: People shame me for reading books.... So i stopped and then got made fun of yesterday for reading like my first new book for fun in like a year

UGH no thats the actual worst thing - when people make SUCH A BIG DEAL out of you doing something you dont usually do. like. wow. yes. thank you. im doing a thing. theres no need to point it out QUITE so obviously. and over and over again. im sorry you had to deal with that, anon <33

Anonymous sent: ever thought of doing makeup tuts? you have a good camera-manner and apparently makeup is no problem for you

lol nobody wants a tutorial from me, i literally throw stuff at my face and hope it comes out ok but this is a sweet message anyway <333

Anonymous sent: Those eyes are gorgeous holy shit

AHH THANK YOU <33 its all barry m dazzle dust bc i would sell my body for that shit

Anonymous sent: hodor


Anonymous sent: this is a reeeeally weird question but which NL villagers do you have??

weird questions are my favourites

ive listed them beneath a cut bc pictures are involved and it got hella long

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Anonymous sent: That stripy shirt is really nice and you're really handsome um just thought you should know *blushes and scurries away*


Anonymous sent: come campin wit me

i know who you are creep dog

Anonymous sent: FELL BETTER DOE ♥♥


Anonymous sent: i just wanted to say that i really admire you, and i saw you mention you've had a shitty day and i'm sorry for that *makes you hot chocolate* (also i hope this isn't creepy but i also think you're hella cute. you remind me of a disney prince okay bye)

NNNNNnnnnnnn omg thank you very much this is so sweet <3333

((this is not creepy at all tbh bc my whole life revolves around becoming a disney prince))

Anonymous sent: youre right you are fucking ugly lol

thank u for the clarification